Blogging Policy

  • Our Blogging Policies

Through this blog, we hope to promote peace, unity, equality, and diversity among people by coexisting peacefully. We encourage all forms of post that might be beneficiary to our younger population.  Therefore, we urge you to carefully read our terms and conditions. We have all right to remove any blog that does not comply with our given conditions.

Blogging Terms and Conditions

  • We strongly prohibit all work/blog that contains inappropriate languages, racism, hate speech, segregation or discrimination, etc. Post that gives rise to hate, discomfort to others, violence or that might disrupt our peaceful coexistence shall be terminated immediately

  • We discourage every form of academic dishonesty. You are in no way allowed to post another person’s work without a proper form of citation. Any form of plagiarism is considered as academic dishonesty as is therefore disallowed. Therefore, in order to avoid plagiarizing someone else’s to the links below.

We encourage you to make use of the following links when publishing your works

  • You may also Connect to Grammar Checker to help improve and edit your work in case of plagiarism or grammatical errors.

Note: Academic Dishonesty of all forms is strictly prohibited. KEY has the power to terminate any writer who violates the academic dishonesty policy except with genuine reason. All post will be evaluated by the admins of the blog before they can be published to the public. We will notify you when your post is being held due to any situations that might arise.